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Interactive Tumbler Toy & Slow Feeder for Pets

Interactive Tumbler Toy & Slow Feeder for Pets

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1. Enhanced Toy Design: This innovative, intelligent robot tumbler toy is self-balancing and requires no batteries. It can continue moving on its own when nudged, making it a more engaging plaything for both cats and dogs.

2. Durable Materials: Constructed from robust ABS+PC materials, this toy is built to withstand wear and tear. It’s ideal for both small and medium-sized pets.

3. Interactive IQ Booster: This puzzle game enhances your pet’s intelligence as they use their nose or paw to manipulate sliders. It not only boosts their IQ but also improves their foraging skills

4. Healthy Feeding Solution: Load this snack-dispensing toy with your pet’s favorite treats to encourage active and healthy eating habits. This aids in maintaining your pet's digestive health.

5. Ideal Play Companion: Transform playtime into a learning opportunity by combining treats with fun activities. This toy is a great alternative to mundane rubber toys and chew sticks, helping keep your dog engaged and reducing undesirable behaviors.

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Color: red, green, pink
Material: TPR
Category: Pet Toys

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