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Cat Steam Brush 3 In 1 - Pet Grooming

Cat Steam Brush 3 In 1 - Pet Grooming

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Steam Pet Grooming Brush with Innovative Spray Feature - This grooming tool for pets incorporates a distinctive spray mechanism specifically designed to loosen and clear away accumulated dust and debris from your pet's fur. The spray feature not only ensures safety but also provides slight hydration to the fur, aiding in its softening and effectively addressing issues related to static during grooming.

Constructed from Superior Materials - The brush is crafted from high-grade, eco-friendly ABS for enhanced durability. The bristles are made from premium silicone, soft enough to ensure the comfort and protection of your pet's skin.

Ergonomic and User-friendly Design - The design of the steam brush handle is ergonomically optimized for ease of use and can swivel 360 degrees. It also features a USB rechargeable system, promoting uninterrupted operation and convenience.

Professional Grade Steam Grooming Tool for Cats - With a simple activation of the power switch, you can use the spray function as needed. The tank can be filled with water, softener, or deodorant to produce a mist that helps manage static electricity and flyaway hairs during grooming. The comb effectively collects dander and loose hair from your pet.

Versatile Usage - When using this Pet Grooming Brush, initiate the spray feature and then turn it off after 3 to 5 seconds to prevent over-wetting the hair. This brush is designed for all types of pets, from those with long to short hair, enhancing the grooming experience by easily detangling and removing loose hair, thereby leaving your pet looking clean and well-groomed.


Product information:
Specifications: porcelain white, milk Brown
Material: ABS
Applicable object: Dog
Type: pet massage comb

Packing list:
Massage comb X1
Product Image:

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